Nametag Volunteers

Volunteers write names on nametags and distribute them with a smile.

What will I do?

- Show up to your location 20 min. early. Look for a Station Coordinator (SC), who will be wearing a smiley face hat.

- Smile at passerby and say, “Hi! Would you like a free nametag? It’s Nametag Day, we're trying to get people to talk to each other more.”

  1. If they say YES,

  1. Write the person’s name (can be nickname or any non-obscenity) on a nametag

  2. Remove the sticker backing and dispose of the backing in your trash bag

  3. Hand the nametag sticker to the person

  4. Remind participants to please dispose of their nametags in the trash and not litter

  5. Follow with, “​We encourage you to talk to anybody wearing a nametag, or really anybody at all. We're trying to get people to be a friendlier place for the day.​”

Feel free to continue speaking with the person a bit if neither of you is in a hurry. If they’re interested in joining for NTD 2015, take down their name and email or phone number and send it to [email protected] They won’t be spammed.

- Once the shift is done, return any remaining supplies to your SC and spend 5 min. cleaning up any NTD-related trash at the distribution site.

What do I need?

Please bring:

        - A smile

        - Comfortable shoes

        - A backpack/purse/fannypack/pockets to store nametags

        - A grocery bag/purse/fannypack for trash (grocery bag can be tied to your belt loop)

        - A hat. Water if you’ll get thirsty. It will probably be hot.

What information should I know?

You should be familiar with why we started Nametag Day. The basic point is: We want to encourage people to be more open.”  

In case of any emergencies, please call the Nametag Day organizers at (347) 699-2344.

If your friend wants to participate in Nametag Day, please have them sign up at, or just bring them along on your shift!

Most of all, have fun! Nametag Day is an opportunity to celebrate connecting with people, and we hope you are getting excited to really make a difference in peoples’ days.

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